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Energy meter aging device

SYR310 three - phase high temperature aging device

SYR310 series of three-phase high temperature aging device, mainly for the energy meter manufacturers to carry out high temperature to take the word aging test design; with simple operation, reliable, flexible and so on.

技术指标/Technical indicators

project type

main indicators

Indicator type

Digital display, voltage, phase direct reading; current percentage reading

Indicating instrument accuracy

Voltage, current: 1.0; phase: 0.1o

Checked table type

Three-phase four-wire, three-phase three-wire active, three-phase four-wire, three-phase three-wire reactive

The output voltage

3×220V/Y      3×57.7V/ Y 3×380V/△      3×100V/△

Output current range

1.5A 、5A 、10A 、20A 、40A 

Output phase

-120o、-60o、0o、60o、120o、180o  A total of six files

Output Power

Voltage loop


Current loop


Input power

3×220V±10%,  3000VA/phase

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