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Energy meter aging pressure device

SYD42RH single three-phase take the word pressure device

SYRH42 single three-phase control to take the word pressure device is designed for power measurement departments in accordance with the latest national procedures and standards, based on the company's long experience accumulated, well-designed and manufactured single-phase control to take the word pressure device. It can be single-phase energy meter, three-phase energy meter for routine and multi-function to take the word test, but also on the energy meter pressure test.

技术指标/Technical indicators

parameter name

main indicators

Output voltage range

Three phase

3× 57.7V、100V、220V、380V;

single phase


Adjustment fineness


Output current range

Single, three phase

  3× 1.5A、2.5A、5A、10A、20A、30A

Adjustment fineness


Output voltage, current distortion


Output frequency

50Hz / 60Hz

Voltage, current, power output stability


Output Power

Voltage ≦ 500VA / phase , current ≦ 800VA / phase

Pulse count range


Voltage, current, power factor, phase, frequency display accuracy


Input power

220V±10%,      Maximum power consumption:2000VA

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