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Single - phase energy meter calibration device

SYD15 series single - phase intelligent table calibration device

SYD15 series of single-phase intelligent energy meter test device, is based on the State Grid smart meter related procedures and national standards and procedures required to develop the electronic program-controlled single-phase smart meter energy meter test device. It combines multi-function communication, dual loop current, cost control test, power carrier communication and other new features in one device. With independent intellectual property rights of software and cost control test function. It is suitable for all kinds of single-phase intelligent table of 0.2 and below. It will be favored by simple and beautiful appearance, exquisite craftsmanship, perfect function and excellent performance.

技术指标/Technical Specifications

parameter name

main indicators

Device accuracy level


Device standard energy meter rating

SYS120 single-phase multi-function standard electric energy meter, accuracy level: 0.05

Voltage range

0-240V (can be set arbitrarily), 0-120% range, adjustment fineness: 0.01% full scale

Electric flow range

0.005A、0.025A、0.05A、0.25A、0.5A、1A、2.5A、5A、10A、20A、 50A、100A ,Adjustment range: 0-120%, adjustment fineness: 0.01%

Phase shift range

0-360°, adjustment fineness: 0.01°

Output frequency

45Hz - 65Hz, adjustment fineness: 0.01Hz

Indicating instrument accuracy

Voltage: <0.2%, current: <0.2%,

Phase: <0.1o, power: <0.2%

Output waveform distortion

Voltage: <0.5%, current: <0.5%

Output stability

Voltage: <0.05% / 3 minutes, current: <0.05% / 3 minutes, power: <0.05% / 3 minutes

Harmonic output

2 to 21 times, harmonic content <40% arbitrarily set within the fundamental wave.

Output capacity

Current: 1000VA (120A); Voltage: 500VA (24 epitopes)

Load characteristics

Resistive, inductive, and capacitive (small 4uF)

Start current output

1mA (minimum), accuracy: <5%, starting power: accuracy <5%

SYT10 standard clock

3×10-7/S (internal time base accuracy), output 50KHz; GPS timing instrument (optional)

Current wiring

1――2, 4--3

Multiple booster accuracy

0.01 level; rated load per channel: 15VA

Device input power

220VAC, ±10%, 50Hz; maximum power consumption: 2000VA (24 epitopes);

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