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Three - phase energy meter calibration device

SYD35 three - phase intelligent table calibration device

SYD35 series of three-phase multi-function watt-hour meter test device, is based on the national grid smart table standards and procedures requirements, and research and development of electronic program-controlled three-phase smart meter energy meter test device. Applicable to meet the national network standards of three-phase local control of intelligent energy meter, remote control of intelligent energy meter and intelligent energy meter calibration. At the same time can be used for the 0.2S level and below the various electronic three-phase multi-function watt-hour meter, electronic and induction three-phase watt-hour meter, three-phase multi-rate watt-hour meter test can also test a variety of measurement principles of non-functional table , Including three-phase four-wire natural reactive power, three-phase three-wire natural reactive power, three components 90 ° reactive, two components 60 ° reactive and so on.

技术指标/Technical indicators

parameter name

main indicators

Device accuracy level


Device standard energy meter rating

SYS312 three-phase multi-function standard electric energy meter, accuracy level: 0.03 (0.05)

Voltage range

3×220V/Y      3×57.7V/ Y 3×380V/△      3×100V/△ 0-120% range, adjustment fineness: 0.01%

Electric flow range

0.005A、0.025A、0.05A、0.25A、0.5A、1A、2.5A、5A、10A、20A、 50A、100A。 Adjustment range: 0-120% Adjustment fineness: 0.01%

Phase shift range

0-360°,Adjustment fineness: 0.01°

Output frequency

45Hz - 65Hz, adjustment fineness: 0.01Hz

Indicating instrument accuracy

Voltage: <0.2%, current: <0.2%, phase: <0.1o, power: <0.2%

Output waveform distortion

Voltage: <0.3%, current: <0.3%

Output stability

Voltage: <0.02% / 3 minutes, current: <0.02% / 3 minutes, power: <0.02% / 3 minutes

Output capacity

Voltage ≥ 20VA / epitope, current ≥ 60VA / epitope

Load characteristics

Resistive, sensible, and capacitive

Minimum starting current

1mA, accuracy: 5%, starting power: accuracy 5%

SYT10 standard clock

3×10-7/S (internal time base accuracy), output 50KHz; GPS timing instrument (optional)

Device input power

220VAC, ±10%, 50Hz; maximum power consumption: 1500VA (24 epitopes);

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