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Three - phase energy meter calibration device

SYD32 three - phase multi - function calibration device

SYD32 series of three-phase energy meter test device, is based on the latest national standards and procedures requirements. And carefully developed the third generation of electronic program-controlled three-phase energy meter multi-function test device. It is suitable for all kinds of three-phase watt-hour meter (including sinusoidal reactive table). It is favored by simple and beautiful appearance, exquisite craftsmanship, complete function and excellent performance.

技术指标/Technical indicators

parameter name

main indicators

Device accuracy level


Standard electric energy meter

SYS310 three-phase multi-function standard electric energy meter, accuracy level: 0.05

Voltage range

3×220V/Y      3×57.7V/ Y 3×380V/△      3×100V/△ ,Adjustment range: 0-120% Adjustment fineness: 0.01%

Electric flow range

0.005A、0.025A、0.05A、0.25A、0.5A、1A、2.5A、5A、10A、20A、 50A、100A。 Adjustment range: 0-120%, adjustment fineness: 0.01%

Phase shift range

0-360°, adjustment fineness: 0.01°

Output frequency

45Hz - 65Hz, adjustment fineness: 0.01Hz

Indicating instrument accuracy

Voltage: <0.2%, current: <0.2%, phase: <0.1o, power: <0.2%

Output waveform distortion

Voltage: <0.5%, current: <0.5%

Output stability

Voltage: <0.05% / 3 minutes, current: <0.05% / 3 minutes, power: <0.05% / 3 minutes

Output capacity

Voltage ≥ 20VA / epitope, current ≥ 60VA / epitope

Load characteristics

Resistive, inductive, and capacitive (small 4uF)

Minimum starting current

1mA, accuracy: 5%, starting power: accuracy 5%

SYT10 standard clock

3×10-7/S (internal time base accuracy), output 50KHz; GPS timing instrument (optional)

Device input power

3×220VAC, ±10%, 50Hz; maximum power consumption: 1500VA (24 epitopes);

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